Top 10 Big Ideas Email Series – Optimized Wisdom Distilled

I have distilled the best of what I extracted (best for me) into my Top 10 Big Ideas (+ 1 bonus idea). Here’s the overview of my Top 10 Big Ideas (+ 1 bonus idea).  Which of these big ideas resonates with you? Share what resonates with you by writing a comment – I’d love it if you would.

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Top 10 Big Ideas - Optimized Wisdom Distilled


                   BIG IDEA #1 – Start with the end in mind

                   BIG IDEA #2 – Close the gap 

                   BIG IDEA #3 – What I can be, be 

                   BIG IDEA #4 – Step forward into growth – not back into safety

                   BIG IDEA #5 – Finish what I start

                   BIG IDEA #6 – Right Why

                   BIG IDEA #7 – Protocol is Primary

                   BIG IDEA #8 – W.I.N (What’s Important Now)

                   BIG IDEA #9 – Oscillate with the natural rhythm of the body

                   BIG IDEA #10 – There is no ‘THE’ way

                   BIG IDEA #11 – Bring back the boon!




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